A Korean Artist’s Reunion With His First Girlfriend Transformed His Group’s Concerts

She inspired an unexpected concert experience for fans.

Although Suga quietly enlisted in the military on September 21, 2023, the BTS member prepared content for ARMYs to enjoy while he fulfills his mandatory service, including the newest episode of his musical talk show, Suchwita.

In the most recent episode, Suga hosted his childhood idol, Nell‘s guitarist, keyboardist, and lead singer, Kim Jong Wan.

Nell’s Kim Jong Wan (left) and BTS’s Suga (right) | @bts_bighit/Twitter

Nell is a legendary alternative Korean rock band that celebrated their 24th anniversary earlier this year. Having looked up to the band growing up, it was especially meaningful to have Kim Jong Wan appear on Suga’s show.

Together, the two talented artists talked about their creative processes and how they both treasure their fans and want to give their all to them.

BTS’s Suga did this when he met and performed for ARMYs worldwide on his first solo tour, which concluded in August. Kim Jong Wan confirmed he attended one of Suga’s shows and called it “the ideal concert,” praising Suga’s artistry and the show’s flow.

Kim Jong Wan revealed that with each concert his group performs, they intend to “satisfy all five senses of the audience.

One way Nell achieves that is by spraying a specific fragrance through the venue’s air conditioning during their show, noting that smell is a sense that is strongly linked to memory.

Kim Jong Wan admitted that the idea was inspired by his first girlfriend, whom he began dating in middle school.

The two dated from middle school until college and kept in contact even when Kim Jong Wan lived abroad.

They reunited by chance when Kim Jong Wan was 30, and the two grabbed a drink to catch up. When they hugged goodbye at the end of their meeting, her fragrance transported the Nell singer back to the time they spent together in middle and high school.

Kim Jong Wan hilariously shared that as soon as he and his ex said goodbye, he called his fellow members, telling them about what happened.

When they realized that the sense of smell might be the best way to tap into a nostalgic feeling, rather than audio or visual, they agreed they needed to add fragrance to their shows to improve their fans’ concert experience.

After spraying the specific scent during their concerts, fans noticed the change and shared that whenever they smell the same fragrance in their daily lives, they’re now reminded of Nell.

Kim Jong Wan’s middle school girlfriend left a lasting impact on him and unexpectedly influenced the concert experience of Nell’s fans.

During the episode, the two artists also shared the advice they give fellow singers and CEOs. Check out more on that in the article below!

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