This Korean Baby Is Becoming An Internet Star With Her Beauty

A young toddler named Han So Yool is going viral online because of her doll-like visuals.

She gained the title of Ullzzang Baby (good looking baby) when her photos were spread throughout the Korean community websites.

So Yool stole everyone’s hearts with her big, beautiful eyes that make her look like a doll come to life.

And her natural aegyo charms will never fail to work their magic!

She became so famous that she even signed as a baby model for a cosmetic brand.

So Yool’s parents also made a Facebook fan page in order to communicate with her growing fandom.

Photos of her daily life are frequently updated in response to the love and attention of her fans!

And her fandom grows by each day as they can’t get enough of her doll-like features!

Netizens can’t wait to see how beautifully So Yool grows with her adorable visuals!

Source: Dispatch