Korean Beauty Star Shows The Difference Between Korean Makeup vs Japanese Makeup

Korean Beauty Star Daiya revealed the game changing  differences in Korean vs Japanese make up style.

With a stroke of her brush Daiya is able to pull off many different kinds of looks.

And she captured the essence of the current beauty trends in Korea and Japan.

She started off by explaining the similarities in the two make up styles.

“One thing Korea and Japan have in common is the bright, pale and transparent skin presentation.”

“Korea tends to lean on the orangey red, pink, gold, and brown color scheme.”

“Japan on the other hand like to use nudes, pink coral, and orangey coral.”

She also described the key difference in the way eye brows were portrayed.

“Korea likes the straight and perfect brows with a lighter color scheme than your hair color, this makes you look younger.”

“Japan like the natural brow look, the brow hair is not perfectly groomed but just some eye shadow powder is used to fill in the gaps.”

Blush technique was also different, she explained that Koreans put it on a diagonal to the cheekbone, whereas Japananese look was a round shape around the apple cheeks.

“Contouring is also a bit emphasized around the nose bridge and chin in Korea, and Japan prefers a natural bronzer.”

“Usually emphasis is put on the lips by using bright lip tints in Korea, and Japan likes to use a neutral pink  on the lips.”

There are subtle yet key differences in which beauty is trending in the two countries and Daiya mastered it all!

Check out the full video here and try it out for yourself!