Korean Beauty TikToker Is Unrecognizable After Losing 165 lbs

She shows the reality of her weight loss transformation on her social media.

A Korean beauty TikToker, @seo_sez, has gained over 400,000 followers across her TikTok channel and Instagram.

When quickly scrolling through her TikTok, it appears to be like many trendy influencers’ profiles. With gorgeous visuals on full display, she dances along to trending songs, shows off her fashion and friends, and gives viewers a small glimpse of her daily life.

Korean beauty TikToker @seo_sez celebrating with friends.  | @seoesxse/Instagram

Every so often, between her usual content, she posts a different kind of content and appears nearly unrecognizable.

On her TikTok, she occasionally shows the reality behind her 165 lbs. (about 75 kg.) weight loss, shocking new fans who are unfamiliar with her journey.

| @seoesxse/Instagram

Beautiful before and after, @seo_sez gives fans an unfiltered look at her weight loss, sharing pictures from before her weight loss journey and photos of side effects she encountered while on a strict diet.

@seo_sez recently went viral for her transformation after being featured in a popular Korean YouTuber’s video, bringing more attention to her TikTok account.

@seo_sez before her weight loss | @seo_sez/TikTok

@seo_sez shared that she was self-conscious and struggled with depression before making the decision to undergo a major change in her diet.

The result was a 165 lbs. weight loss.

Showing her before and after transformation on Instagram | @seoesxse/Instagram
| @seo_sez/TikTok
| @seoesxse/Instagram

Although she shares her transformation in light-hearted TikToks, she also shares more of the reality of drastic weight loss by sharing her struggles with hair loss and the natural result of having loose skin after losing weight.

Before and after photos from her surgery to remove excess skin | @seo_sez/TikTok

@seo_sez has been active on TikTok since 2021 and occasionally updates fans on her health when she posts about her transformation.


남 사진으로 봇놀이 하는게 제일 골때림 ㅋㅋ특히 19금 ,, 아앗안대,,!!🖤🥀🥀[제로투를 추며 도망가]

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See more of her transformation in the video below!


최고의 성형은 다이어트

♬ الصوت الأصلي – Mikee Introna

Source: Hong Kong News
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