Korean BJ Gets Breast Implants, Talks About All The Benefits

Korean BJ Hanna revealed she had breast augmentation surgery after receiving multiple questions from her fans.

She announced that she was going to hold a Q&A livestream with her surgeon to answer as many questions as she could.

“After getting surgery, I’ve been receiving a lot of mail and DM’s about breast surgery~ It’s your chance to hear a professional opinion!! Wednesday Nov 22, 7:00 P.M., I’m planning on holding a live Q&A session with Dr. Park Beom Jin, who gave me a new pair of D-cup breasts~ It will be held via YouTube live on I-Well Plastic Surgery’s channel!! I hope you all tune in^^*”

— BJ Hanna

Hanna revealed she opted for the fat grafting surgery, meaning she transferred her own stomach fat into her breasts.

She currently has D-cup breasts and claims the surgery gave her a newfound confidence within herself.

“After my fat grafting breast augmentation surgery, I tried on a size 44 dress on for the first time!

I can’t believe how much volume I have without even having to wear a bra ㅠㅠ

The waistline makes me look like I have nice hips too..

I’m going to go on a diet and get an ant waist!! >_< #breastconfidence #dcup”

— BJ Hanna

Check out more photos of Hanna’s new figure below!

Source: @kiddy42815