Korean BLINKs Think BLACKPINK Jennie Is K-Pop’s Regina George

Korean BLINKs are affectionately referring to Jennie as K-Pop’s Regina George from Mean Girls

Forget the whole “Regina George is kind of problematic” thing and take a look at this: 

Jennie is insanely well-dressed, talented, driven, and looks amazing in the color pink.

… just like Regina George.

Jennie is a total queen on stage – no one can take their eyes off her.

Regina George was the teen queen of her high school – everyone wants to know her.

Korean fans have also noticed that Jennie can be a little bit savage sometimes!

And there’s no one who can dish it quite like Regina.

Looking like your best friend can be fun, but Jennie and Regina both know you should always be your own unique self.

Even though she’s a total trendsetter – and who wouldn’t want to dress like Jennie?

Finally, Korean BLINKs are totally right, when you see Jennie owning her all…

… it’s hard not to feel like this.

Source: Pann