Korean Boys wish they had Girlfriends that dress like this Rookie Idol

Men are falling in love with her sweet and pure aesthetic.

Korean boys have fallen head over heels for APRIL’s bright and beautiful visual Naeun and it seems most of them are daydreaming about her “perfect girlfriend” fashion.


Whether she’s wearing a floral shirt or dressed for the winter, Naeun looks ready to go out on a date, no matter the season.

In this ensemble, Naeun pairs tights and sneakers with a simple tan jacket. Her plaid skirt matches her scarf, and her tights match her black top, making this a very well-balanced outfit. It is also fashionable yet practical —the perfect choice for a romantic winter outing.


Any Korean boy would love to see his adorable girlfriend dressed in Naeun’s knitted turtleneck and fur-trimmed coat.

This casual, cool weather outfit would be great for an ice skating date. Since it is also fairly gender-neutral, the boyfriend could even dress to match!


After a day of ice skating and romantic strolls through the snow, he would love to curl up on the couch with his girlfriend.

Nothing says ‘cuddle’ like Naeun’s blue sweatshirt!


Nothing warms the heart like a beautiful spring day after a chilly winter. Naeun’s refreshing sweater and skirt combinations are ideal for spring dates, when love is just beginning to blossom.


This style is warm enough for outdoor spring dates…


…and stylish enough for indoor dates.

Naeun’s long pink shirt, and black top would be a fitting choice for a movie theatre date.


As the saying goes, “APRIL showers bring May flowers.”

During a rainstorm, a boyfriend would love to get closer to his girlfriend by sharing her umbrella. Naeun’s bright, pink umbrella would draw all eyes towards a lovey-dovey couple.


In the summer, when love is in full bloom, guys would love their girlfriends to wear Naeun’s cute blouse and pleated skirt to an amusement park…


…or, her denim shorts to the beach.


In the autumn, boys might enjoy seeing their girls in something a little darker and sexier, yet still relatively modest. Something like Naeun’s leather jacket, mini-shirt, and knee high socks…


…or her sharp, black jacket and pleather boots.


Although Naeun herself may not be dating, her fashion style will continue to inspire girls’ wardrobes and boys’ fantasies year round!

Source: Instiz