Korean Netizens Say These Celebrities Are The Most Friendly Even Toward Strangers

Korean netizens took a poll to choose the most friendly celebrities, who will most likely treat strangers like long-lost friends.

Popular Korean community, DC Inside, took a poll among Korean netizens to vote which celebrities are so friendly that they’re most likely to approach strangers like old friends.


6th – Seungri (BIGBANG)


5th – Heechul (Super Junior)


4th – Park Narae


3rd – Yunho (TVXQ!)

Yunho received 2,886 votes, which was 1.9% of total votes.


2nd – V (BTS)

V got 70,674 votes, with 46.3% of the votes.


1st – Ha Sungwoon (Wanna One)

Ha Sungwoon took 75,505 votes for a 49.4% win!

Source: Break News