This Korean Cheerleader Has Taken over the Internet with Her Idol-Like Visuals

What’s even more surprising is her young age.

Cheerleader Ha Ji Won of LG Twins is currently a hot topic of conversation online due to her beautiful face and stunning figure.

This cheerleader is 170 centimeters tall with an impressive physique, and she’s been spotted with black hair that gives her a more innocent image.

She is also well-known to be the youngest cheerleader at 17 years old in Korean age.

Despite still being in high school, Ha Ji Won is active as a baseball cheerleader by summer and basketball cheerleader by winter.

Ha Ji Won has been gaining so much popularity that she even appeared on JTBC’s Cool Kids back in February where she stated, “I might be the youngest cheerleader right now, but I want to work hard so that I can become the best cheerleader representing our country.

Check out some more photos of the rising cheerleader below:

Source: Dispatch