Popularity of Korea’s Child YouTube Creators Soaring

While most of YouTube‘s biggest stars are fully grown adults, in Korea, child creators have gained a huge following of their own as the popularity of these younger channels increases.

As entertainment becomes more accessible to people of all ages, online video platforms are seeing their young audience growing rapidly. As a result of this, more and more channels directed toward and even hosted by, young children have been gaining popularity in South Korea.

Several YouTubers such as Lime Tube, Mylynn TV, and MariAndFriends upload content targeted toward young audiences. With the hopes of establishing a children’s broadcasting station, the parents of these popular child YouTuber’s help edit and film their children’s’ videos.

Many of these channels create a range of videos such as toy and food reviews, mukbangs (where the host eats food while interacting with their audience), and vlogs of their daily lives.

Lime Tube

Lime Tube produces educational videos that help children learn numbers, the alphabet, and draw. The account also does reviews of popular children’s toys, and currently, has 500,000 subscribers. 5-year-old Gil La Im uploads her content with the help of her father and outside crew members, who have started their own production company. Lime Tube’s most popular video has 13 million views.


Made by Kook Dong Woon and his wife, MariAndFriends features toy reviews and educational videos featuring the couple’s nieces and nephews. The channel uploads fun and exciting content of the children’s’ daily lives and has almost 500,000 subscribers. The most-viewed video shows the children attempting the fire noodle challenge and has 3 million views!

Mylynn TV

Mylynn TV was launched by 10-year-old Choi Lynn who uploads videos that introduce various games and entertainment activities for the young and also interviews other young hosts. His channel has been exponentially growing and has reached 210,000 subscribers since the channels creation one year ago. His most popular video features fellow Korean child star Na Ha Eun, in which they go down a slide 100 times.