Korean Cosmetic Experts Guarantee This Will Improve Your Skin Drastically

Korean cosmetics industry is known for their renowned efficiency in creating a beautiful skin, and now there is an easy heck to maximize the result.


A Korean Youtuber Daisy shared her secret tip to improve the skin in one month, and the secret is to spray water mist three to four times and rub it off gently before applying the makeup remover.


She explained that due to the dry, cold weather that people face during the winter, applying the makeup remover could irritate the dry skin, creating even further trouble.


Gently applying the mist could enhance the moisture retention, helping to create a fresh look.


Daisy also shared that the secret for applying cosmetic products is to just leave it on the face for a minute, without rubbing it too aggressively, because the skin will naturally absorb the cream.

Source: Youtube

She guarantees the dramatic results if this routine was kept for a month.


Watch out the full clip below:

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