Not Dead? One “The Glory” Character Was Actually Killed Twice

They didn’t find out until that moment.

The popular revenge drama The Glory has been full of twists and turns for viewers. In fact, a behind-the-scenes interview with the cast revealed that a particular character actually died twice.

One of the deaths that shocked viewers was the death of Myeong O, who became a trending search topic after the show aired. There was more to his death than fans thought, though.

Myeong O in “The Glory.”

When writer Kim Eun Sook watched the rough cut of the show’s footage, she wondered if Myeong O was actually in the tray at the morgue. Actor Kim Gun Woo confirmed it was him, prompting Kim Eun Sook to point out something unusual.

Even though Myeong O was supposed to be dead, he was seen breathing on the tray. The show’s editors noticed the same thing and added a hilarious caption.

When I saw the rough cut, it was moving here. He was breathing.

— Kim Eun Sook

Kim Eun Sook made everyone laugh by sharing the editors’ note, “The editing crew added a caption: ‘We’ll use CGI to kill him for sure.’” They laughed harder at actor Jung Sung Il‘s fitting words. He said, “They killed him twice.

Watch the cast find out the character actually died twice.

The Glory

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