Korean Elementary Academy Teachers Imprison And Assault Student For Telling Parents They Were Punished

The student was locked up for over 45 minutes.

Two sisters (surnamed Kang), who run an academy in the South Korean city of Suncheon, have been charged with the imprisonment and assault of a student.


According to reports, the Kang sisters kidnapped 12-year-old student Son by forcing him into their car, and bringing him back to a classroom in their academy.


They kept him there for over 45 minutes, where they hit him repeatedly on the head with their hands. They also broke his cell phone by throwing it on the ground.


Police investigation discovered that the assault was done in retaliation. Prior to the incident, Son was scolded by the Kang sisters for missing a day at the academy. He had then told his parents of the scolding and his mother had come to the academy to object.


Due to the wrongful imprisonment and bodily injury received by the child, the Gwangju District court has charged both sisters with jail time and community service.

Miss Kang (35) was sentenced to 6 months in jail with a stay of execution for 2 years, while her sister (33), was sentenced to 4 months in jail with a stay of execution for 2 years. In addition, both sisters were also ordered to serve 120 hours of community service.


Although many felt that the charges were too light, representatives clarified that this was due to the lack of a criminal background.

“We have considered the fact that the defendants are reflecting on their crimes, they have no prior criminal record, and the victim’s guardians did not want excessive punishment.” 

Source: Dispatch and No Cut News