This Korean Face Mask Video Might Be The Most Satisfying Thing You See Today

These rubber masks are the newest viral beauty trend from South Korea and people can’t stop watching videos of it getting done.

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Created by Christine Chang and Sarah Lee of Korean beauty retailer, Glow Recipe, these goopy masks have recently grown in popularity in South Korea and made their way around the world.

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The nourishing masks are specially formulated to detox and hydrate skin with a new rubber-like formula, and people are going crazy for them.

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Videos of the application and removal of these masks get thousands of views because of how satisfying they are to watch.

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Chang has also added a few tips and tricks in the descriptions of her videos to help you apply the mask at home like a pro.

“1. Start with a clean canvas. Cleansed (and exfoliated) skin will be better able to absorb all the nutrients from the rubber mask.

2. Mix briskly. Beat the powder and liquid (or water depending on the type of rubbermask) until powder is dissolved but don’t wait too long, otherwise, it will start to set before application.

3. Go thick. A dense, even application will be easier to peel off afterward.

4. Be patient. Wait at least 15 to 20 minutes so that the rubbermask fully congeals, creating that evaporation free barrier for mask ingredients to do their magic. ?

5. Afterward, use a cotton pad soaked in toner to remove any remaining bits and then pat in a serum and moisturizer to seal everything in. ?”

– Christine Chang

But when it comes off it is truly satisfying!

Watch the full video (a million times over) below!

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