Korean Family Gets $19,000 Bill For A Bottle Of Formula From A San Francisco Hospital

And the bill came after 2 years!

A South Korean couple got one of the biggest shocks ever when they received a medical bill amounting to nearly $19,000 USD two years after their son was treated at a hospital in San Francisco.

The San Francisco General Hospital where the baby was reportedly treated.


In 2016, the couple was on a vacation with their 8-month-old son when the unthinkable happened. Their son suddenly took a tumble off the bed and hit his head on the floor. They quickly took him to the hospital where doctors determined that he was fine, gave him some formula, and let him take a nap before he was discharged a few hours later.

The big shock came two years later when the couple received a bill of $18,836 for the treatment. Luckily, the couple had travel insurance. Unfortunately, the insurance will only cover $5,000 which means the couple still has to pay over $13,000 for a nap and bottle!

Reportedly, the most expensive part of the bill was for “trauma activation” which amounted to a staggering $15,000!


The story has been making the rounds on the internet and hopefully, all of this activity surrounding the couple and their son will result in a quick and positive resolution of the matter.

Another photo of the San Francisco General Hospital. Photo: Mike Koozmin
Source: New York Post