This Korean Fanboy Getting Worried Over EXO’s Kai Is Going Viral [video]

While male idol groups are typically known for having fan bases that comprise primarily female fans, EXO appears to have one very dedicated male fan as well.

The Seoul Music Awards were held on January 19, and SM Entertainment’s EXO took home the Daesang Award (Grand Prize) for the 4th straight year in a row. At the awards show, EXO also received a Bonsang Award, as well as the Fandom School Award, bringing their total to three for the night.

To celebrate their victory, the group members gathered on stage to take a group photo on stage, when a male fan was heard screaming. Using Kai’s legal name Jongin, the fan screamed:

“Jongin, it’s cold! Put on a jacket!”

The male fan appeared to be quite concerned about Kai’s health. And while some female fans laughed at his dedication, he continued:

“Our Jongin shouldn’t be cold! Congratulations on your award.”

Watch the clip featuring EXO’s number one male fan below:


A clip of the interaction has received a lot of attention on Twitter, with over 8,000 retweets since it was posted.

Source: Dispatch, TV Report