Korean Fans Begging Parents To Buy Them “Idol Coats” aka Long Padding Coats

The big craze over the “long padding” coats among the younger Korean generation was deemed “spine breakers” for the parents.

The word “spine breaker” came about as children’s demands had to be met through hard labor by the parents to the point of straining their backs.

The obsessive culture over trends in Korea made Korean kids demand expensive items that everyone possessed.

While trends can be positive, this culture sprung negativity for the fear of not being in the in-crowd.

The idol coats became popular among youth and are the latest trend that is demanded out of the parent’s pockets.

The price of these coats range from $300 USD to $1,000 USD and the parents are the ones to suffer.

Idols are regularly seen wearing these long paddings during times of moving between schedules or waiting for schedules.

Idols’ go-to coat became the long paddings because of having to wear certain stage outfits and in order for them to be ready on the go.

Despite the coats’ great utility, the craze may cause a negative influence on the younger generation as competition and comparison among them rises.

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