Korean Fans Spot Girls’ Generation’s Taeyeon Enjoying Her New Found Obsession

Girls’ Generation‘s Taeyeon seems to have a new obsession with Escape Rooms.

Taeyeon has found a new obsession in escape rooms, and according to several different locations, she’s been visiting them quite frequently.

Taeyeon, who is usually a homebody, has been spotted at different Escape Rooms in Korea on multiple days in a row. According to the staff at one venue, Taeyeon has been solving and escaping the rooms very quickly and has had so much fun being shown around.

Taeyeon’s new hobby apparently didn’t end at a single location, as she’s made a visit to a different escape room venue, and even visited one two days in a row.

Despite being on vacation, Taeyeon was kind enough to give both escape rooms an autograph. It definitely seems that Taeyeon has turned a new leaf and instead of being a homebody, she is now a huge fan of escape rooms.

The XIT escape room uploaded Taeyeon’s autograph to their Instagram account.

Holic Escape seems to be a big fan of Taeyeon.