Korean Fans Unite The Faces Of Top Korean Celebrities To Create The “Ultimate” K-Pop Idols

Although there are plenty of elite beauties in the Korean entertainment industry, fans often combine photos of their favorites to create even more visually-stunning results.

Taking the best features from their favorite singers and actors, the composite results are often so beautiful that fans refer to them as goddesses, as they possess beauty that couldn’t possibly be replicated in real life. Most recently, fans combined the faces of popular singers such as TWICE‘s TzuyuRed Velvet‘s Joy, and miss A‘s Suzy, as well as actresses such as Kim Yoo Jung and Lee Sung Kyung, to produce the most beautiful results yet.

1. Tzuyu, Joy, and Suzy


2. Tzuyu, Lee Sung Kyung, Taeyeon


3. Sulli, Chaeyeon


4. Go Ara, Joy, Kim Yoojung


Source: Pann