Korean Dad And Son’s Reaction To Kanye West’s “I Love It” Is Everything You’d Expected It To Be

Ever wondered what it’s like to talk about “f*cking h*es”, porn, and Kanye West with an Asian father?

Koreaboo brought Chungyu‘s dad back into the studio to get his thoughts on Kanye West‘s latest music video, “I Love It”.


Like any Asian father you’d expect, Chungyu’s dad wasn’t too familiar with Kanye West, but he wanted his son to know he was “hip” enough to know that he was a man of hip-hop.


Based on what they do know, they were expecting “I Love It” to be NSFW – and they certainly weren’t wrong!


Chungyu had to talk about the racy lyrics, such as “You’re such a f*cking h*e”, with his father…


And they even talked about Kanye West’s “significant contribution” to one of the largest porn sites in America. Talking porn with your dad? No biggie.


Basically, the interaction was just as weird as the music video!


Even so, Chungyu’s dad was able to provide insightful interpretations for it, just like he did for the time they got together to watch Ariana Grande‘s “God is a Woman”.


Check out the whole video here, to see more of their reaction: