Korean Girl Explains The Main Difference Between American Men And Korean Men

A Korean girl, currently living in the US, revealed how different American and Korean men are, when it comes to their preference in women.

A Korean girl, who’s currently living in the United States, revealed her thoughts on how differently American men and Korean men think of their ideal type.

On Different Personality Preferences:

“The [American men] just generally have different ideal types.

Korean men like someone with agrees with what they say, has aegyo like a baby, and just very pure.

But here, they like girls who are really strong, sexy and those who have an opinion.

If a girl has a quiet personality, [American men] think it’s unattractive. I think they prefer someone who speaks their mind.”

— Korean Girl

On Preferring Different Body Types:

“Instead of weak, frail bodies [that Korean men like], [American men] like it toned and fit.”

— Korean Girl

On Their Opinion Of Aegyo:

“A Korea girl here was doing aegyo at a white guy, telling him to help her with this and that. The guy thought she had some kind of mental illness, and told people to take care of her.”

— Korean Girl

After reading the girl’s post, Korean netizens had a variety of responses about their differences.

Netizen Comments:

“Mental hahahahahahahahah illness hahahahahahahah sh*t”

“I also lived in the States and noticed that they don’t understand aegyo.”

“Just a natural aegyo? I don’t think it matters because the way people naturally express aegyo is something that reflects on the cultural society. We don’t need to consider the Western culture as our standards anyway haha But I really can’t stand it when people force grown adults to act like little children and do aegyo hahaha I’m not saying that aegyo is just bad! I think it’s important in the meaning behind it. “

“When did the western standard become the correct standard hahaha”

“I don’t know if it’s just me but I never lived abroad and I f*cking hate aegyo. The only time it’s acceptable is when it’s f*cking hilarious.”

“hahahahahahahahaha a mentally ill child that’s f*cking funny hahahahahahaha”

“I seriously wish variety shows would stop making men and women do aegyo. Honestly speaking, isn’t aegyo just trying to be a baby again? I don’t understand why people want that nor do I want to understand it.”

Source: Nate Pann