Girl wears Nike leggings in the sun, and THIS happened to her leg

This girl was in for quite the surprise when she removed her Nike leggings to see that the phrase “JUST DO IT.” had been tanned onto the side of her leg.

After spending time outside under the bright sun, this girl was shocked to see that she had what looked to be a tan in the exact shape of Nike’s tagline on her leg. It seems that the sun was able to get through the dark fabric of her leggings and tan her leg around the letters, leaving a perfect, legible outline.

Her boyfriend uploaded the picture of her leg after the incident, as well as a photo of the leggings themselves.

The leggings the girl was wearing

The couple is unsure whether it was the sun that tanned her leg or it was just an indent of the letters from the leggings being too tight. Whatever was the cause, hopefully, the outline goes away soon!

Source: Tistory