Korean Girl Goes Viral For Her Extremely Sexual Mukbang Parodies

A Korean girl named Showry has become quite the Internet sensation recently because of her unusual and NSFW videos.

Showry gained popularity for posting bizarre yet funny videos of herself cooking, eating food, and drinking beverages in provocative comical-style ways. She often pours liquids – including chocolate sauce, ketchup, and whipped cream – all over herself. She also dances with fish, shoves cake in her mouth, and makes a mean smoothie.

Showry has done many parodies, including a Christmas-themed show. / Source: YouTube

Showry, whose name is Seo Ae-jin, started her YouTube channel in 2015 and has racked up over one million views on all of her videos. Her videos are undeniably hilarious as they are a parody of mukbang, a popular style of Korean videos in which an online host eats large quantities of food while interacting with an audience.

This trend of mukbang has allowed online personalities to get paid from their videos and making a living from eating. However, Showry put a new twist on the trend, and despite its provocative style, it is still hilarious to watch.

Check out one of Showry’s most unusual videos below: 

Showry has said that her videos are unique in that there is nothing like them in Asia, and they challenge stereotypes about Asian girls.
She’s even created a new series for her YouTube audience, where she features as the lead female in a parody of a Virtual Dating Sim.

You can watch Showry’s dating simulation below: