Korean Girl Going Viral For Posing In Sexy Swimsuits And Lingerie That She Designed Herself

Fitting model Haneul is trending right now with her amazing body, beautiful designs, and cute face.

Lee Haneul is one of the leaders in the Korean fitting model world. Her lovely face and great proportions make her irresistible, and her Instagram has done nothing but grow since she opened it. With photos of her pets, friends, and fashion designs, fans can’t help but continue scrolling through her feed.

With her business in full bloom right now, Haneul has been brought back in the spotlight. Last fall, she made the leap from popular fitting model to designer with her own brand Haneul Haneul, which features her ownd designs for swimwear, nightwear, and undergarments.

As the main model for her company, Haneul has taken her self-branding to the next level. Haneul is a great designer and model and by using those skills she has been able to work her way to Instagram stardom.

Check out some of her photos below.



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