Korean Girl Turned To The Internet For Advice After Boyfriend Screams Girl Group Member’s Name During Sex

What would the internet do?

An anonymous Korean girl confided in the internet that she had sex with her boyfriend and everything went awry when he made one very critical mistake.


She began, “My boyfriend yelled out a girl group member’s name while we were having sex.”

“Hi. I gave this a lot of thought before writing. I’d like your advice.

My boyfriend I began dating three months ago. He is an average Korean male who likes girl groups. He actually likes one of them so much that he took me to that group’s concert on our date.

At first, I thought his fanboying was funny. But I stopped judging him because I saw it being passionate about something. But it became a problem for us a while back when my boyfriend and I were having sex.

While we were making love, my boyfriend screamed, “I f*cking love you, (girl group member’s name)!”

It wasn’t my name. It was my boyfriend’s favorite girl group member’s name. It really turned me off. I became quite angry at the fact that he was thinking about someone else when he was having sex with me. I immediately got up, put on my clothes, and left. My boyfriend is begging me for forgiveness. He’s messaging me endlessly with apologies.

Should I accept his apology? Or should I just break up with him?”


Netizens responded with absolute disgust.

  • “I bet it’s a habit from when he masturbates. He probably masturbates to that member… Even if this isn’t so, it means he was imagining having sex with that member while he was having sex with you. I’d lose all affection for the guy.”
  • “This is disgusting… He probably thinks about that all the time…”
  • “This sucks. It doesn’t even matter that the name he called belongs to a girl group member. It matters that it wasn’t yours, when he was having sex with you. This is wrong.”
  • “Do you even want to imagine what was going on in his head…?”
  • “Break up.”


While most showed concerns about the girlfriend’s feelings, some also pointed out that the boyfriend’s action does not qualify him as a true fan.

  • “How on Earth is it possible to imagine having sex with your bias while having sex with someone you love… I’ve been fangirling over my bias for 14 years, but I’m also in a relationship and I would never do this to either my bias or my boyfriend. I would never, ever imagine having sex with my bias because even the thought of it is so shameful and disrespectful. I’d never even think to do such a thing.”
  • “I hate this. I hate that a fan would ever sexualize his bias like this… This is seriously disgusting.”
  • “I can’t believe he liked a girl group member thinking about her that way…”


No updates came from the girlfriend yet, but her story has definitely crowned her boyfriend the internet’s most disgusting one.