Korean Girls Discuss The Pressures of Wearing Makeup

A Korean teenager’s peer pressure on make-up has Koreans in a heated debate.

A Korean high school freshman sparked discussion on the pressures of wearing make-up. The student stated, “I don’t wear any make-up. My sunscreen isn’t whitening and my lip balm isn’t tinting. But could going around bare faced like this make my friends not want to be seen with me? Last year, it was fine, but this year, my friends don’t seem to like me anymore. I was wondering if it could be because I don’t wear make-up. I really can’t though, my mom would never let me.”

The student ends her post questioning if she should start wearing make-up and if so, how she can do it secretly so her mom doesn’t find out. Korean teens then discussed the social pressure in Korea for young women to wear cosmetics.


1. I can’t believe so many of you agree with the comment that says she doesn’t want to be friends with classmates who don’t wear make-up… We are very people turning our society into a pressuring one.


2. What…? Just from a glance, I thought you’re talking about pressure from work or college. You’re a high school student. What is wrong about a high school student not wearing make-up?


3. Before I started wearing make-up, I used to think like that too… But I started wearing make-up and now, I honestly don’t want to be friends with those who don’t wear make-up. Don’t call me a b*tch, it’s simply how I feel.


4. What the hell is going on in the comments here… Since when does no make-up equal ugly and dirty? There are plenty of people who don’t wear make-up but are still squeaky clean. And there are plenty of you who wear make-up but you’re nasty. I can’t believe anyone could think that no make-up means dirty.


5. Honestly though? I don’t want to go around with friends who don’t wear make-up… I mean, can’t you at least cover up your skin and wear lip color? It looks horrible when people don’t wear make-up.


6. Oh wow, I’m so surprised. Are you serious? You don’t want to be friends with classmates who don’t wear make-up…? I have never even thought about this. I wear tons of make-up, but I have friends who don’t wear a single layer of it. We hang out all the time and it never even crosses my mind. Why does make-up even matter…? Aren’t you all friends? Some of you are so full of sh*t. It sucks to think my friends or even I could be treated like this for just make-up. Don’t live like that. Friends don’t bully each other about appearance.


7. But to be honest, I don’t want to become friends. It just doesn’t work.




9. Why would anyone need to wear make-up in high school…? Starting early only ruins your skin. You guys don’t even know how to wear it well. High school kids going around with wrong shades of foundation and super awkward lip colors… Please. Don’t do it for your skin’s sake. If you start now, you won’t be able to stop when you’re older and your skin has already been compromised. What is even the point of pressuring each other…


10. I hate it when girls don’t wear make-up though. I want to be friends with the pretty classmates, that’s the truth.