These Korean girls’ reactions to their Western makeovers will make your day

Three Korean girls were given a makeover with American makeup trends, and their reactions are quite adorable.

As many beauty lovers know, Korean and Western makeup trends are very different, in that Korean makeup trends lean towards youthful and natural looks, while Western makeup trends go for mature, sultry, and sexy looks.

One YouTube page called Creator Studio, decided to give three Korean girls a Western makeup makeover, and see how they would react upon seeing the dramatic change.

The girls started off by removing their existing makeup to start off the makeover on a clean slate, but the first girl requested that the artist draw on her eyebrows before anything else because they were sparse.

When the makeup artist ignored the request and followed the Western makeup routine, the Korean girl started desperately begging her in English to draw on her brows; otherwise, she would have trouble getting married.

They were also given false eyelashes for the first time, but they couldn’t help but make funny faces to get used to the weird feeling of the heavy lashes glued to their eyelids.

When the makeup artist started working on their eyebrows, the first girl expressed how genuinely thankful she was, and even compared her drawing eyebrows to giving life.

For the finishing touch, the makeup artist applied lipstick, to which the first girl made the artist burst out laughing by asking her to make her look like Kylie Jenner.

Finally, the girls saw the results of their makeover and doubled over at how drastically different they looked.

Watch the full video here!