Here Are A Few Things You Need To Consider If You Want To Date A Korean Girl

The question is, what will YOU do with this information?

Korean netizens took to the internet to discuss what men can do to make them fall in love.


The OG poster listed three elements as being essential to make hearts flutter.


First, a guy that pats a girls head.


Secondly, a guy that compares hand sizes, and proceeds to compliment how the girl’s hand is smaller than his own is cute.

“Your hands are so small.. They look cuteㅎㅎ”


Third, when a man refers to a woman and tells her to grow.

“Hey kiddo, grow a little bit taller~~ Sleep earlyㅋㅋㅋ”


Commentors, however, severely disagreed!

“I hate three of these things.. I don’t like people touching my body, and who does he think he is to call me ‘kiddo’?ㅋㅋㅋ”


Most believe being pat on the head is demeaning, and while it may be fine for someone she’s interested in – it’s totally strange for a random person!

“It only makes your heart flutter when the person you like does it.. It’s not heart-fluttering at all when the person who does it is someone who you don’t like..”


They also thought hand sizes and height were strange comments.

“no no ㅋ.”


Instead, they offered a few other things that would make their hearts flutter more:

“I’ll buy you meat”


“Screw all of these.. My heart will only flutter when a guy treats me a meal..”


“K.. K… Kiddo..??? Yeah.. If it was Kang Daniel who said it to me then my heart will freaking flutter..”


Source: The Qoo