Korean Women Share Their Top “Secret” Flirting Tips

Yeon Woo and Hee Jae share their personal techniques, and more.

Flirting comes naturally to some people, but not all. Recently, Yeon Woo and Hee Jae of the YouTube channel Awesome World shared their personal flirting styles and discussed flirting techniques commonly used by Korean women.

1. Show your interest by being attentive

Hee Jae’s flirting advice might sound basic, but giving off a positive, “I’m interested” vibe through body language works like a charm.


2. Don’t be a clingy texter

Some people respond to texts at lightspeed, others don’t. To avoid coming off as needy, Hee Jae matches the pace of the person she is texting, and this method has worked out well for her.

3. Playful touching

Yeon Woo shows her interest by gently touching her crushes while laughing.

4. Be a good conversationalist by asking questions about what your crush is interested in…

…but also remember to listen. Conversations are a two-way street!

5. Dress for yourself, not for your crush

It’s not necessarily a bad idea to dress in the style your crush prefers, but if his or her preferences greatly differ from yours, this could get tiring. Half of flirting is confidence, so dress in whatever you feel the most confident in.

6. Dress to surprise!

If you’re the kind of person who can’t pick a style, you can keep your crush intrigued with your unpredictable outfit choices.

7. A little praise goes a long way

People like to feel useful and needed. By asking your crush to help you with a small task, you get to spend time together, and you can help them feel good about themself by complimenting them. Just remember to be sincere, and don’t ask them to do all your homework for you!

8. Breaking the touch barrier

If you’re comfortable and your crush is comfortable with breaking the touch barrier, Hee Jae and Yeon Woo suggest flirting by comparing hands…

…or gently bumping shoulders.

Or, you could just gush over his shoulders. It’s up to you!

How about bending over?

That’s a big no from Yeon Woo! She’d rather not have anybody looking down her shirt, thank you very much.

9. Flirt by scent

In addition to flirting, you can appeal to your crush’s sense of smell by using attractive perfumes and shampoos.

10. Do not ask to “ramen and chill” unless you mean “ramen and chill”.

For couples, “Netflix and chill” can mean more than just bingeing on shows while hanging out together. The same is true for “ramen and chill”. If you’re planning on asking your crush to come over and eat ramen with you, make sure you’re both on the same page!

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