Korean Gold Medalist Reveals How Much The Government Gave Her In Prize Money

This is what it means to be world’s #1 skater!

Choi Min Jung, South Korean female short track skater now charted as world’s #1 on 500m, 1,000m, and 1,500m rankings, appeared on Let’s Eat Dinner Together and shared stories about her prize money.

During the 2018 PyeongChang Winter Olympic games, Choi Min Jung brought home two gold medals.


When comedian and show host Kang Ho Dong asked about how the government and the Korea Sports Promotion Foundation’s payout for medalists work, fellow comedian and host Lee Kyung Kyu explained it’s not as simple as win-a-medal-get-the-money.


Choi Min Jung explained that medal-winning athletes can receive pensions in single payments once they reach the “pension score” of 110 which accumulates with each medal.


Choi Min Jung proudly shared, “I’ve already gone over the pension score and receive my prize money in single payments.”


When Kang Ho Dong asked how it feels to receive money from the government for being the world’s top skater, Choi Min Jung explained that it’s an honor.

“It’s such an honor to receive the prize. It also gives me a sense of responsibility.” — Choi Min Jung


Choi Min Jung’s payment from just the 2018 PyeongChang Winter Olympics works out to be around $100K from the government and another $100K from the Korea Sports Promotion Foundation.


With two gold medals, $200K in prizes, and the title of the world’s best female short skater, 2018 has been a truly successful year for Choi Min Jung!

Source: Dispatch

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