This Korean Grandma Puts Beauty Bloggers To Shame With Instagram Account

This 70-year-old Korean beauty blogger proves that age is just a number with her sunny personality and youthful sense of humor.

Park Mak Rye, who goes by the adorable name Korea Grandma, has captured the Internet’s heart with her quirky vlogs and makeup tutorials. 

She has already gained a sizeable following of around 300,000 on her YouTube channel and that number continues to grow!

One of her most popular videos where she shares her everyday makeup look has racked up an impressive 2 million views.

She first started making videos at her granddaughter’s suggestion, who thought it would be a good way to stave off dementia.

Mak Rye also frequently posts on Instagram, but she can’t read or write at an advanced level, so her captions are often left up to her fans’ interpretation.

“Hi Swiss I’ll protect my knee well and I’ll be able to come back. What a grateful vacation. Thanks to everyone I’m achieving my dreams. Thank you so much and I love you all, goodbye Swiss goodbye”

— Park Mak Rye

Fans love Mak Rye for her genuine personality and refreshing take on life, which keeps fans coming back for more.

“We used to think, since I’m over 70 my life is over, but as I started doing this, I realized life starts at 71.”

— Park Mak Rye

Check out one of her videos below: