This Korean Guys Has Huge Problem With Nerves Around Woman, Forced To Look Hani In The Eyes

With a smile like Hani’s though, could anyone look her straight in the eyes?

On Hello Counselor, an aspiring musical actor was invited to share the story behind his fear of females. Seo Hwi Jeong appeared on set, completely terrified of EXID‘s Hani and Jeonghwa who reached out to greet him.


Seo Hwi Jeong explained he has trouble interacting with girls and this hinders his pursuit of his dream of becoming a musical actor.


Jeonghwa tried to interact with the extremely shy man, but he wouldn’t make eye contact with her.

Instead, he resorted to looking at male panelists on the side.


Seo Hwi Jeong’s trouble with girls began when his family faced financial difficulty and had to move around a lot. Because of this, Seo Hwi Jeong lost confidence in himself and became introverted.


He shared that he is trying to overcome his personality by trying to look girls in their eyes for over 3 seconds everyday. Host Shin Dong Yup suggested he gives it a try with Hani.

While Seo Hwi Jeong kept his eyes closed, Hani moved closer to him and waited for him to meet her eyes.


Seo Hwi Jeong opened his eyes and found Hani right in front of his face. He panicked and couldn’t look at her for more than half a second.


Shin Dong Yup playfully grabbed Seo Hwi Jeong by his collar saying, “What are you thinking inside your head that you can’t look at her in the eyes!” and everyone burst into laughter.


Seo Hwi Jeong’s friends who joined him on the show encouraged him to keep working hard and figuring out a way to build confidence. They supported him with a song that made EXID members tear up.


Watch Seo Hwi Jeong’s miserably failed attempt at looking Hani in the eyes here:

Source: Dispatch