Korean Highschool Girl Recounts How She Ended Up Dating Her Teacher

It’s straight out of a fairy tale.

In a story that sounds like it came straight out of a drama, a Korean university student shared the story of her dreamy high-school teacher and how she ended up dating him years later!


“I’m a 21-year-old university student and my dream is to work in the cooking industry. So I attended a cooking academy for 5 years, but had to stop attending due to personal problems.

Back in the 10th grade, a new teacher joined the academy and was completely my style. I was so flirty around him. He was 23 back then, and other students also found him handsome. We all followed our teacher around and I even stayed at school late, so I could leave at the same time he would. But, he kept turning me down.”


“Because of some issues, I had to leave the academy. During my last week, I went up to my teacher and asked him, ‘Can you go on a date with me, just this one time?’.

He sighed and then answered, ‘At this point, okay, wait for me once class is done.’

So I waited.”


“We grabbed some drinks to enjoy at the park near our school, and while we were there, we just talked about everything and anything. I really love moments like that so much. At some point, I just closed my eyes and confessed to my teacher.

‘Teacher, I really like you. Please go out with me just one time.’

I don’t really remember exactly what I said, but it’s something like that. But he just responded back with, ‘Oh? Sorry, but in my eyes, you’re just a cute student.’

After that, I cried for 3 straight days.”


“I still kept chatting with him through KakaoTalk as I became older, but I began missing him more and more. I would try to look for him at the academy, or ask him to come out for a drink with me.”


“But one day, he was the one to call and me ask to meet him. Fuck, just thinking about it makes my heart flutter again. He called and asked if I could meet him at school soon, so I ran like crazy.

He was done with class, but I still had to wait a bit, so I waited by his desk until he came to meet me. He took me to the same park where I confessed to him in high-school. He asked me to confess to him the same way I did back then. I was dumbfounded, but also thought ‘will he accept me this time?’

So I confessed again. He responded to me by saying, ‘Before I couldn’t think of you as anything but a cute student, but now that you’re an adult, I kept thinking, lets meet up for once.”


“Ever since then, we have been dating. We call each other every day and I’m just so happy.”