Disney Korea Officially Invited “Baby Simba” Chaeyoung to the Advanced Screening of Lion King

What an appropriate invite by Disney Korea!

TWICE‘s official Twitter account recently let their fans know that Chaeyoung was officially invited to the advanced screening of Lion King as the baby Simba of the idol world.



Photos of Chaeyoung attending the event was accompanied by the caption, “Disney Korea, thank you for inviting Chaeyoung to the advanced screening for looking just like baby Simba. Chaeyoung almost cried during the movie and strongly recommends it to all her fans!



The shared photos show Chaeyoung posing with Simba to show off their uncanny resemblance.

In the past, Chaeyoung expressed her love for the movie and even posed like Simba by opening her mouth to the same degree.

For that reason, Chaeyoung was very appropriately invited to the advanced screening of Lion King, and it seems like she truly had a blast.

Source: Dispatch