This Idol Bleached His Hair and Turned into a Fairy Tale Prince Charming

Who knew simply bleaching his hair could make him look like royalty?

SEVENTEEN recently performed at the Park Concert held in Bundang, Korea where they comforted fans in the summer heat with their hit songs such as “Oh My!”, “VERY NICE”, and “Our Dawn Is Hotter Than Day”.

In the midst of their amazing performance, Jeonghan drew many fans’ attention with his bleached hairstyle.

The combination of his bleached hair and white outfit made him look like a prince charming character from a fairy tale storybook.

What made him look even more like prince charming was the way he grew out his hair to sweep back on both sides, and his naturally handsome face that appeared to be literally glowing.

Not only does Jeonghan look crazy handsome, but he looks beautiful as well, making some fans wonder if he looks more like a prince or an angel.

Check out some more photos of Jeonghan looking like loyalty below:


Source: Insight