This Sweet Idol Showed up at a Café and Treated Everyone to a Coffee on Her Birthday

“Who hasn’t had a coffee yet? I’ll treat you.”

It was just April‘s Lee Naeun‘s birthday, and in order to celebrate, her fans held a birthday event for her at a café following the Children’s Dream Festival in Incheon.

Since her fans were holding an event just for her birthday, Lee Naeun made sure to visit the café, where she asked, “Did you drink anything?” with a friendly smile on her face.

When her fans said they already did, Lee Naeun looked sad as she asked, “Already?” but then she made all her fans cheer by offering, “I’ll treat everyone who hasn’t had one yet to a coffee.

While waiting for the drinks to come out, Lee Naeun even took some time to take polaroid photos with her fans and held a fan meeting in front of the birthday sign made by fans.

During the short fan meeting, Lee Naeun chatted with her fans and took commemorative photos with everyone who visited.

It’s been reported that Lee Naeun had wanted to meet with her fans since last March, but she never got a chance to hold anything, which is why she decided to visit her fans herself.

Lee Naeun is currently receiving overwhelming love and support for her role as Kim Hana in the popular web drama, “A-Teen”.

Source: Insight