This Sweet Idol Adopted a Dog That Was Abused and Abandoned 5 Times

The dog was scared of him at first because he was traumatized from being abused by male owners.

OhBoy! Magazine recently shared gorgeous pictorial shots of Yoon Jisung posing with his dog, Hodu.

During the following interview, Yoon Jisung shared the story of how he came to adopt Hodu and what happened to the poor dog in the past.

Before the adoption of Hodu, Yoon Jisung said goodbye to the dog he grew up with named, Sarang after 17 years.

After that, his mother wanted to raise another dog, but Yoon Ji Sung told her, “I can’t raise another one. I don’t think I can endure this kind of pain again. And those dogs probably come with a lot of hurt themselves. What if we don’t do a good job raising them?

But following a long discussion, his mother brought home a dog named Hodu, but it always appeared sad because abandoned by multiple owners in the past and even endured physical abuse.

On top of that, Hodu was traumatized by being abused my past male owners, so he got scared whenever Yoon Jisung tried to get near him.

Yoon Jisung shared, “Hodu was abandoned by 5 owners in the past. Imagine how much hurt it must have been… Dogs know what’s going on, too.

Luckily, Hodu came to love and trust Yoon Jisung over time, so much that they were able to finish the photoshoot together without any problems.


Source: Insight

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