This Girl Group Member Once Got Hilariously Mad at a Couple That Came to the Fan Meeting Together

What an adorable reaction.

In recent days, a post regarding an idol’s reaction to a couple that showed up at the fan signing together resurfaced in online communities.

The star of the post is Oh My Girl‘s Seunghee, who attended a fan signing a while back following the release of a new song.

In front of Binnie and Arin were a male fan and a female fan, and as they were about to change seats, Seunghee noticed the two fans.

As she scratched her head, she suddenly exclaimed, “What’s going on here? Are you a couple? Huh?” and acted very angry.

In response to Seunghee’s adorably jealous response, her fellow members and company staff all burst into uncontrollable laughter.

Despite being very convincing, Seunghee tried very hard to hold in her laughter, which proves that she was just acting, but it was absolutely hilarious, to say the least.

Check out the clip at 1:26:00 below:

Source: Dispatch