This Caring Idol Has Been Writing Handwritten Responses to the Fan Mail He Received in the Military

What a guy…

In recent days, multiple netizens have been making posts online regarding the responses they received from Infinite‘s Sungyeol, who’s currently serving in the military.

The attached photos show what looks like typical fan letters with Sungyeol’s handwritten messages included on top.

It appears that Sungyeol has been receiving great support from his fans, and in order to express his gratitude, he sent back handwritten responses to repay them for their love.

In one of the letters, he even addressed those whom he didn’t have time to respond to by writing, “I want to respond to every single fan, but I don’t have enough time. Please tell them I’m sorry.

Infinite’s Sungyeol enlisted in the military just last March, and from the looks of the photos that’s been shared so far, fans are speculating that the idol is doing well during his service.

Source: Insight