Korean idols are going crazy over this Japanese movie

Even Korean idol group members can’t get enough of Makoto Shinkai‘s blockbuster film Your Name.

Some movies are so popular that just about everyone has to watch it. For example, Japanese film Your Name, in particular has been so widely regarded by fans and critics alike that even the busiest of idols have seen and fallen in love with it.

Makoto Shinkai’s latest film became an instant blockbuster after its release in November 2016, and has been widely acclaimed by movie critics both in Japan and internationally for its awe-inspiring visuals and touching storyline.

During a recent interview, BTS leader Rap Monster was asked about what the group like to do to relax. In his response, he revealed that he and his groupmates had recently watched the movie together and the whole group thoroughly enjoyed their experience.

” The latest movie we all loved was a Japanese animation Your Name by a director Makoto Shinkai. We were all fascinated by the story and artistic details in the movie.”

— BTS Rap Monster

Your Name, also known by its Japanese title, Kimi no na wa, is a love story about two students who form a relationship with each other after they miraculously began switching bodies with each other. While the movie is Makoto’s most recent work, his 2013 work, Garden of Words, also received fantastic feedback upon its release.

In addition to BTS’s recommendation, YG Entertainment sibling duo Akdong Musician also gave the movie a thumbs up by using the movie’s poster for one of their concerts. The poster shows the two main character with their faces swapped for Soo Hyun‘s and Chan Hyuk‘s.

[2017 악동뮤지션 콘서트 <일기장> 사연 이벤트 "너의 일기는"]2017 악동뮤지션 콘서트 <일기장> 사연 이벤트 "너의 일기는" OPEN여러분의 일기장을 악동뮤지션에게 들려주세요.본 공연에서 악동뮤지…

Posted by AKMU on Tuesday, March 7, 2017

SHINee‘s Jonghyun also shared his experience watching the moving several times. He spoke on MBC‘s travel show Depart! Video Travel, where he explained that he had seen the movie on 3 different occasions and that it had made him cry at least 7 times!

“I cried three times, I cried three times, the first time I cried three times, the second time I cried three times, the third time I cried once. When I saw it in the second time, a lot of tears overflowed Because I understood the content, my heart was shaken even with a word of narration and words. ”

— SHINee Jonghyun

The movie has been a huge hit not only in Japan, but across the globe.

Source: IDOLATORWoW Korea