7 of the Classiest Stars Who Are so Badass That They Modeled Beer

Soju is modeled by the most beautiful while beer is modeled by the sexiest and toughest of idols.

Just like how the most beautiful and delicate idols of Korea get to model for all sorts of soju brands, getting the opportunity to model for beer is another honor that only the sexiest and most popular stars get to model for.

Since beer is something that needs to be chugged in the most refreshing way possible, stars need to use great facial and body expressions to tempt the viewers.

Here are 7 of the best beer models who really sold it with their tough and badass presence:

1. Kang Daniel – Hite Extra Cold

In March of last year, Hite Extra Cold selected Kang Daniel to be the face of their beer brand.

They explained that they picked him because he seemed to go well with their young and refined image. Hite Jinro stated, “Kang Daniel is receiving a lot of attention from the younger age group, and we thought his lively energy would go well with beer.

2. Hyun Bin – Hite

Hyun Bin, who is handsome as ever and never seems to age, was a model for Hite from the years 2011 to 2015. He first started his relationship with Hite when he starred in the popular SBS drama, Secret Garden.

Many have claimed that Hyun Bin was the driving force behind Hite’s success in the beer market.

3. Seolhyun – Kloud

Singer and actress Seolhyun was selected to be the face of Lotte’s Kloud in May of 2016 for whom she modeled for the next 2 years.

Lotte judged that Seolhyun’s classy and refined image would go well with their premium beer brand. In the commercial, Seolhyun captured many audiences with her sexy body and made the clip go viral online.

4. Kim Hye Soo – Kloud

Back in 2018, Lotte selected Kim Hye Soo as their new model for Kloud beer. Lotte explained that they picked her for her classy and refined image that goes perfectly with their brand.

5. Zico – Cass

Back in 2017, Zico was selected to be the model for Cass, and he even wrote and produced the song that was featured in the commercial. Oriental Brewery explained that the song was written in regards to the worries many young people have about life in hopes to resonate with the younger audience.

6. Gong Yoo – Oriental Brewery

Gong Yoo, who’s well-known for his sculpture appearance, was a model for Oriental Brewery from 2011 to 2013. It’s been said that he drank over 100 glasses of beer in order to make it look as refreshing as possible.

7. Ha Jung Woo – Max

Ha Jung Woo was the face of Max for 7 years from 2011 to 2017 thanks to his broad range of expressions, positive image, and his ability to make the beer look refreshing and delicious.

Ha Jung Woo somehow manages to convey the refreshing nature of the beer just from still photos alone, so it’s no wonder he holds the record for being a beer model for the longest period of time.

Source: Insight