7 Loving Stars Who Proved Themselves to Be “Husband Material”

They’re full of love and loyalty toward their wives.

It’s a common worry among married women that their love might die down especially after having children and becoming heads of a household. So when a married star appears to keep their love alive, they can’t help but admire and wonder how they do it.

Here are 7 stars who capture the hearts of many women by being an exemplary husband and father:

1. Cha Tae Hyun

Cha Tae Hyun is well-known to have married his first love with whom he had three children, so his love story is just an overload of sweetness. In addition to being a loving husband to his wife, he’s famous for taking good care of his children.

2. Ahn Jae Hyun

Ahn Jae Hyun married actress Ku Hye Sun and joined the married club. He once said his dream was to become a good father, and he’s becoming known as a loving husband by showering his wife with care.

During a recording of tvN’s New Journey to the West, Ahn Jae Hyun demonstrated his love by frequently calling his wife.

3. Rain

For Rain, who married actress Kim Tae Hee with whom he had a beautiful daughter, his family always comes first.

On a broadcast, Rain shared that he doesn’t talk about his wife very much on television because he loves her too much. He also revealed that he doesn’t share photos of his daughter because he’s afraid his family could get hurt.

4. Lee Sang Soon

Lee Sang Soon made many viewers of JTBC’s Hyori’s Bed and Breakfast fall in love with his caring and considerate ways.

When Hyori asked him, “What would you do if I suddenly disappeared?” he expressed his love for her by answering, “If your heart moved on, I would just have to move on, too, but if you died, I’d follow you to the afterlife.

5. Ji Sung

After getting married to actress Lee Bo Young and having a family, Ji Sung became known as a loving husband and father.

In an interview, Ji Sung said he’s the happiest when he wakes up in the morning to his wife and daughter, and that he came to value family very much after getting married.

6. In Gyo Jin

In Gyo Jin touched many people by demonstrating how well he tries to understand his wife’s feelings and how caring he is when he plays with his daughter.

On an episode of SBS’s Same Bed, Different Dreams 2, he surprised many viewers by playing at the same eye level of his daughters, which is what professors advise parents to do.

7. Kim Jae Woo

Comedian Kim Jae Woo‘s Instagram account is full of loving messages to his wife. He loves his wife so much that he even fulfilled her wish of spending one month in Jeju-do while she was pregnant.

It’s hard not to cheer on their love while being slightly jealous at the same time.

Source: Insight