Korean Students Selected Which Idols They’d Want as Their Teachers for Each School Subject

What a dream…

With it being Teachers’ Day in Korea, students have been sharing which idols they’d want as their teachers for various subjects in online communities.

Most students have probably dreamt of having one of their favorite idols as their teacher before, and it’s not an unpleasant thing to imagine whatsoever.

Here are the 7 idols that Korean students selected as the teachers of their dreams:

1. BTS’s RM – English Teacher

The great leader of BTS has been receiving overwhelming attention for his amazing English. Despite not having been abroad for language exchange, he can speak the language very well, which makes students believe that he’d be more than qualified to be their English teacher.

2. Jannabi’s Choi Jeonghoon – Music Teacher

It’s not difficult to imagine hearing Choi Jeonghoon‘s attractive voice in the school music room. He is so well-known for his crazy passion for music that he probably has a lot of knowledge to share with students.

3. Yoo Jae Suk – Ethics Teacher

Yoo Jae Suk is known to be a truly good man who regularly shares wise advice with his juniors, which makes students think that he could be an amazing ethics teacher. He’s predicted to have what it takes to guide youth in becoming adults with great character.

4. Ok Taecyeon – Physical Education Teacher

On top of being known as a total beast, Ok Taecyeon has also demonstrated spectacular performance as he served in the military. Since he has both the physique and stamina, students predict that he could be an amazing physical education teacher.

5. IZ*ONE’s Kang Hyewon – Math Teacher

In past TV appearances, Kang Hyewon shared that she enjoys math very much. She’s also known to be very intelligent, and students wouldn’t mind that she’s beautiful, too.

6. WINNER’s Song Mino – Art Teacher

Song Mino recently showed off his outstanding artistic ability through his social media accounts. Since he also has a caring personality, students think he could be a great teacher.

7. TWICE’s Sana – Japanese Teacher

Since Sana is a Japanese native who’s also very popular in Korea, students believe that having her teach Japanese would keep everyone focused and interested, especially since she’s also an idol with hilarious humor and wit.



Source: Insight