Korean Kids Interrupt Dad During Important News Video

When you work from home with kids in the house, you can never expect what will happen next.

Recently, an unexpected hilarious scenario played out on a BBC News live broadcast. The broadcast involved an interview with Professor Robert E Kelly, who is an expert on Korea from the Political Science and Diplomacy Department of Busan National University. Professor Robert E Kelly appeared to be broadcasting from a type of office room inside his home located in Busan.

As the news anchor and Professor Kelly were discussing the official impeachment of the South Korean President Park Geun Hye, when suddenly the door behind him opened. The one who opened it happened to be his little daughter, who danced her way to her father’s side.

Upon seeing the little girl, he new anchor tried to hold in his laughter as he said, “I think one of your children just walked in” before moving onto the next question. Professor Kelly tried to move his daughter away from the camera when suddenly a baby comes waddling into the room with a walker.

Moments later, the mother comes rushing in and drags both children out of the room. Flustered by the situation, Professor Kelly took a moment to apologize for all the craziness that occurred during the serious interview.

The little girl, who didn’t understand the situation, could be heard asking her mom in Korean, “Why Mommy?” as she tried to resist but was forcibly taken out of the room. The mom appears one more time as she crawled back to shut the door shut after handling her children.

Watch the adorable video of the kids interrupting their dad on live broadcast below!


Live TV gone wrong

👶😂 Our favourite live TV moment of the week by far! 👶😂

Posted by BBC World Service on Friday, March 10, 2017