Children Meet Jessi And Prove That She Would Be An Amazing Friend

She is cool, smart, and funny!

On a recent episode on the ODG YouTube channel, Korean children met with Jessi in a video titled, “Korean Kids Meet Korean-American Kid.”

As soon as Jessi walked into the room, the children recognized her straight away, getting very excited at the prospect of being with a celebrity!

Jessi then explained that she was there as a Korean-American kid and that the children could speak casually to her. The reaction to this statement was that the children were struggling with the idea that they could talk to Jessi as if they were the same age.

Once the initial awkwardness wore off, it was time for Jessi to learn what Korean children did for fun and become the coolest friend ever! However, it might have been easier said than done with some of the toys, causing her some problems!

While getting to grips with the latest trends, Jessie had some words of advice for the children before reminding them that she wasn’t there as the idol but as a kid.

With those words in mind, Jessi cemented herself as the children’s newest friend; she became even cooler! Whether it was playing some of the games, she actually knew and writing in a diary, as she did as a child!

With her carefree and cool attitude, the children couldn’t deny how awesome Jessi is!

Jessi then introduced the children to some of her childhood toys, from Barbie dolls to manicure sets! Throughout this video, the children slowly started to let loose and impart wisdom on everyone being equal!

Even though the children knew who she was, Jessi explained that “NUNU NANA” was not her debut and that people didn’t react fondly to her first song, “Get Up.” Luckily, all her work and determination paid off!

Many people see Jessi as this confident and outgoing artist. She let the children into a secret that, although she has this confidence, she isn’t always like that.

She then gave them some words of wisdom which everyone should remember!

It’s okay to cry and make mistakes. People always make mistakes and learn from them. Fall down again and again, then get up one more time. That’s a confident woman!

As the crew tried to wrap up the video, Jessi wanted to make the most of the time with her new friends imparting her wisdom! Wouldn’t it be great if we all had a friend as cool and smart as Jessi?

You can watch the full video below!