Korean K-Pop Fans Have A Hard Time Ordering Fried Chicken

Believe it or not, Korean fans sometimes have a hard time ordering fried chicken.

Photo: Asian Inspirations

Most countries have just a few major brands of fried chicken, such as KFC or Popeye’s.

Photo: KFC

But Korea has dozens of fried chicken chains!

While pretty much every brand has delicious fried chicken, Korean K-Pop fans have a particular struggle when trying to order…

Source: Multi Cultural Retail

Because they can’t decide which idols to support!

Almost all major fried chicken chains have popular celebrities as models.

For example, BTS is the model for BBQ Chicken.

GFRIEND models for Hosigi Chicken.

And ASTRO models for Chicken Mania. 

To entice K-Pop fans into choosing their brand, chains print their models onto the boxes.

Photo: fmkorea

And they may even have promotions too, such as free calendars or posters with purchase!

With so many delicious chicken places with various idol models and promotions, K-Pop fans in Korea definitely have a hard time choosing which chain to eat from!

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