Korean Fans Are Fighting Against Haters In An Unusual And Clever Way

“There are so many hate posts so let’s be warm and say positive things about idols who are not our bias!”

Korean K-Pop fans aren’t always the most positive or united bunch. Some are notoriously quick to criticise idols for one wrong step, or spread hate and negativity about a group or fandom, all the while defending their biases unconditionally. This could be said to be true of all fandoms, Korean or otherwise.


Acknowledging this, a Korean community thread has brought together netizens from different fandoms by sharing positive comments about idols that are not their immediate bias.

“There are so many hate posts so let’s be warm and say positive things about idols who are not our bias!” — OP


The thread blew up with positive comments about groups that the posters’s are not official “fans” of, sharing a uniting love for the music.

  • “I’m an EXO-L but I listen to all of SEVENTEEN’s songs every time they come back. Also, I totally like Bangtan’s Butterfly, Save Me, Truth Untold and Spring Day.”
  • “I’m a Carat but I really like I really like 13430 by Bangtan.”
  • “I’m an ARMY but I really like SEVENTEEN’s “Clap” choreography…. Every time I go to the norebang, my friends and I always go “jjak jjak jjak jjak”ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ”
  • “I’m a Wannable but I really like Dokyum’s voice at the start of ‘Oh My!'”
  • “The only groups aside of my bias from which I listen to all side tracks are SEVENTEEN and EXO. Also nowadays, I really like NU’EST’s songsㅎㅎ I usually look up idols’ side tracks a lot but these three groups’ songs fit my taste the mostㅎㅎ by the way, my bias is Bangtan.”
  • “I’m an ARMY but I really like SEVENTEEN’s Our Dawn Is Hotter Than Day. Especially when they go “dudududududung oh summer summer summer” ㅠㅠㅠㅠ”
  • “I’m an ARMY but I find SEVENTEEN so fun ㅜㅜ their songs are good and their synchronized dancing is solid”
  • “(G)I-DLE’s new song ‘Hann’ is freaking amazing.”
  • “I love BTOB. They have a strong stage presence that reminds me of Shinhwa, and just seem like nice people, and their songs are amazing.”


Netizens are praising not only music but individual members of other groups, acknowledging their perseverance, talent and visuals.

  • “100% not my bias or bias group but Leeteuk from SUJU deserves all my respect and more. From my understanding suju wasn’t even his first group so for more than TEN YEARS he’s been in the industry, he’s a leader of a legendary group that at one point had 12+ members(?) I believe and has been through SO MUCH in his personal life. Regardless of all of that he’s also an amazing tv host and variety star. I can’t ignore him when I think of suju, he’s honestly so amazing and I wish the best for him.
    Edit: I’m an ahgase and inner circle.”
  • “I totally love BLACKPINK’s Rosé (not sure if it is a correct spelling)’s voice. Wish she release a solo OST or cover.”
  • “SF9’s Hwiyoung is totally stealing my heart.”
  • “I mean everyone knows that J-Hope is a great dancer but I sometimes really can’t believe that he only learned to rap under Big Hit?? He’s super talented and everything about his solo was perfection.”
  • “I’m ARMY and I want Lay back to promote with EXO. I miss him so much.
    Also I’m not a fan of cute gg concepts but TWICE won me over. Love the girls, I would give up my soul to Jihyo.”
  • “I’m not an army but I gotta give it to Namjoon, he’s got it all talent, charisma, stage presence, and he seems like really good leader. I also heard that he produced lot of BTS’s songs (not sure if this is true tho I just read it) nonetheless he is a talented kid with a good head on his shoulders I wish him the best.”


And fans are celebrating the entire thread for its sweetness and positivity.

“This post is so cuteee. I hope we would get more heartwarming and sweet posts like this, we really could use some more positivity these days…. Oh, who am I kidding, we could use more positivity every freaking time of every day…” — Anonymous Poster


The rally against hate comments and threads reminds fans around the world that despite their different biases, preferences, loves and hates, K-Pop fans have one huge thing in common: they all love K-Pop music.

Source: Pann Nate