Korean Makeup Artist Reveals How To Properly Use Different Shades Of Highlighter

With so many choices and shades for the popular highlighter, these professional tips may come in handy!

A Korean makeup artist shared essential tips on how to properly use different types of highlighter on a recent episode of Get It Beauty 2019.


Firstly, pink-based highlighters should be used mainly on the cheeks for a radiant glow on the cheekbones when you smile.


The makeup artist revealed that she often uses the pink highlighters under her eyes as well to naturally highlight the lower lash line.


Gold highlighters are the most natural and are the perfect fit for daily use.


Finally, silver and white shades are the most dramatic, so it is appropriate for photoshoots or for special gatherings including those at night such as club nights, etc.


So the next time you go out, how about selecting a highlighter using the tips above? Check out the full video clip below:


Source: Dispatch