Here’s why Korean makeup trends are so different from America

South Korea is globally renowned for its passion for cosmetics and beauty. Despite being one of the world’s biggest markets for makeup, Koreans seem to have a very different approach to styling.

The trend in American makeup styles focuses a great deal on contouring, making the lips and eyes appear more prominent. In other words, the trend has been said to focus on recreating or restyling one’s face. “putting on a face” has become a known catchphrase.

Kylie Jenner all made up.

In contrast, the Korean style of makeup appears to trend towards softening and smoothing facial contours (creating a more consistent, rounder look). Applying just enough makeup to the eyes and mouth to accent them. In short, the Korean makeup trend emphasises subtle accentuation of one’s natural assets, and makeup is less noticeable.

Taeyeon Kim - Korean makeup style
Taeyeon Kim’s natural beauty shines with the help of her makeup style,

Check out some of Korea’s most popular beauty Youtubers showcasing how stark the difference between Western and Korean makeup trends down below:

Source: So Young’s Beauty Room ♥
Source: Dasha Kim
Source: Namii Cho

One zealous blogger even took it upon herself to photoshop the different makeup styles onto one woman’s face and the result is just as shocking.

This picture attempts to depict the core difference of Korean vs Western makeup through photoshopped make-up applications on two halves of an individual’s face