This Male Idol Hilariously Impersonated His Fans’ Out-Of-Sync Name Chant on M Countdown

His impersonation is absolutely hilarious.

In August of 2018, SF9‘s Dawon chatted with his fans on Naver’s V Live and did a cheering impersonation of his fans that made everyone burst into laughter.

He began by turning on their song, “Now or Never” and then started explaining the part where fans chant all of the members’ names before the lyrics begin.

Dawon explained that during an M Countdown performance, his fans tried their best to do the chant at the beginning of the song, but that they messed it up.

During the said performance, his fans cheered in very loud voices, but they were out of sync making it difficult to make out what they were saying.

Dawon then impersonated the out-of-sync cheer and it’s pretty hilarious, to say the least.

Check out Dawon’s impersonation starting at 11:30 as well as the real thing during SF’s performance on M Countdown.


Source: Dispatch